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About Tidal Healthcare

The Tidal Healthcare Consulting (THC) mission is to assist agencies in creating efficient processes and practices, and providing support services, so that they can focus on patient care. Rooted in education, we specialize in building a strong foundation for agencies to grow, one based on quality and compassionate care.

With over 30 years of home care experience, we understand the inner workings of small to large agencies.

Our team tailors solutions to meet the needs of each agency, while maintaining their unique qualities.

We help you: 

  • Achieve improved home health clinical outcomes
  • Enhance your bottom line by optimizing reimbursement
  • Implement strategies to manage change
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Our Team

Christina Crumbley


Cara Tomlinson


Christopher Crumbley

Billing Manager

Victoria Crumbley

HR Director

Our Services

Tidal Health Care is your trusted partner with a full suite of home care consulting services that optimize opportunities and address today’s challenges facing home health agencies.


  • OASIS Training
  • RCD Training
  • RCD Chart Review
  • PDGM Training
  • PDGM Operation Review


  • Start-Up Services – Home Health and Nurse Registry
  • Accreditation Preparation
  • Survey Readiness and Mock Survey
  • Post-Survey Plan of Corrections
  • Competency Assessment program
  • EMR Implementation
  • Acquisition Clinical Due Diligence
  • Workflow Efficiency


  • Clinical Record Audits
  • QAPI Program
  • ADR and Pre-Bill review

Coding and OASIS Services

Our OASIS and ICD10 Coding certified staff will partner with your agency to improve accuracy in documentation, ensuring you optimize reimbursement compliantly.

  • ICD10 Coding
  • OASIS Review
  • Care Plan Review


We offer several training courses related to home health clinical practices and
operations. We are certified to teach diversity and inclusion courses and state mandated ADRD training, as well as Certified Dementia Practitioner Training to amplify your staff’s skill level. Our clinical manager training series offers education to new managers as well as education to refine the skills of experienced managers.

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • ADRD Certified Training
  • Certified Dementia Practitioner Training
  • Clinical Manager Training
  • Executive Services

Leadership Training

Leadership can make or break an organization. Good leaders can empower innovation and creativity that leads to success. Whereas poor leaders can cause conflict, infighting and can be a catalyst to business failure. Our executive services supports growth of new leaders and refines the skills of experienced ones. Our training and coaching services, provided by certified John Maxwell coaches, foster growth and professionalism in managers. 

  • Essential Leadership Skills
  • Conscious Leadership

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Tampa, FL. 33626

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What Our Clients Say

I found out about Tidal Healthcare Consulting through a friend who had gotten their services. He spoke so highly about them .
Mahin Door
My experience with Tidal Healthcare Consulting is excellent. We are still working with them on establishing our Home Care business and will continue.
Donald James
Healthcare Professional
Tidal Healthcare Consultants is such a great company to join. They are very knowledgeable about the information you need for each state.
Asif Hasan